Summer Companion

Change the way you live life.

Shader is a multi purpose sun shade constructed from the ground up and tailored to suit children and adults of all ages, shaders multiple functionality is a highly innovative creation that is sun safe, wind proof and extremely portable and will change the way you and your family enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Experience Shader

Change the way you live life.

Shader is a compact, portable shade device, made to protect our faces while we enjoy the sun. It is designed to be able to adjust and move with the sun as you need it to.

Mark Sellar and Shader

Another Premium product brought to you from the HGT Innovations Lab

How good’s that!

Shader is the brainchild of Mark Sellar, chief innovator at HGT Innovations.
Growing up and residing in the sun drenched state of South Australia, where weekends at the beach are common practice.
Generations have gone by using many unorthodox techniques to protect ones face from the heat and harmful rays from the sun.
Magazines, last weeks newspaper, sweaty T-Shirts and sandy towels to name a few, simply didn’t offer the comfort so highly sought after while getting your tan on.

There had to be another way:

In true Aussie fashion, we were going to change this and so the solution was born.

Arduous months were spent in the design process, over 120 amendments to the functionality, 1000’s of surveyed sunburnt customers and rigorous manufacturing processes; all tasks were undertaken to the strictest of standards giving us the ultimate summertime companion.

Probably our best product yet

Superior design functionality, lightweight, multipurpose use in any outdoor environment.

Original Shader Charcoal

Connect Any Smartphone to a Solar Power Bank

Stay connected, communicate and continue to capture all of life’s most glorious moments by staying charged with Shaders custom solar power bank.

Solar Power Bank

New Elegant Solution

Shader with Premium features

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